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Author-photographer and pilot

After studies in Architecture, Rodolphe works as an independent photographer for the press magazine and communication division since 1995.

Deeply inspired by free flight and aviation, he becomes pilot in 2007. Aerial photography is then a new focus for his work on Landscape. On his Pipistrel, motorglider ULM, he looks from up there and meditates within the clouds. Thanks to his photographs, all stemming from flying trips, he makes us travel through his interpretation of reality, blending Poetry and Abstraction.

From his air crossing, he built many exhibitions in particular a creation residency “Intime campagne” (Personal countryside, 2011), the “Voies maritimes” with the Champs photographiques (Maritime routes, 2012), “A fleur de Baie” (On the edge of the Bay, 2013), “Verticales Mor Braz” during the festival Escales Photos (Vertical Mor Braz, 2014) or “ Sur la Route des Vents d’Est” (On the Route of the Eastern Winds, 2015), an aerial trip in India during the festival BarrObjectif. He earns a prize for the exhibition “The People of the Dunes“ in the context of the festival PhotoReporter.


"A fleur de Baie"               

Festival photographic

Dol-de-Bretagne, France

"Verticales Mor-Braz"                      
Festival Escales Photos

Golf Morbihan, France
2014, 2015, 2018, 2020

"Littoral bord de terre/bord de mer"

Festival L'homme et la mer 

Le Guilvinec, France


"Une autre campagne" 

Festival Barrobjectif

Angoulème, France


"Sur la route des vents d'Est " 

Festival Barrobjectif

Angoulème, France


"Learning to fly"

Galerie, Bruxelles, Belgique 



Elisca galerie, Bruxelles, Belgique


Prize & Résidences

Prize & Exhibition "Le peuple des dunes"

Festival Photoreporter

Saint-Brieuc, France 


Résidence"Intime Campagne"

Bretagne, France 


Les "Champs Photographiques"

Résidence "Les Voies Maritimes"

Bretagne, France


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T : 00 33 689 435 819

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